About hosts an online event for the entire 3D printing community. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a real event without a prize pool or industry experts as mentors and judges.

What to read

During the event, experienced mentors will share the details about the business side of the industry and more. We’ll discuss the workflow in companies, how startups develop, and where 3D printing is heading. Everything will be based on real examples and cases.

Anyone can participate and present their ideas, regardless of experience and specialty — you can be an amateur 3D printing enthusiast, an additive manufacturing engineer, an expert chemist or an IT specialist.
The industry needs to move forward and we can do it if we join forces.
Rules and prizes
To participate, you need to join and prepare a small presentation of your project, whether it’s a completely new idea that requires testing, or a ready-made development from any area of ​​3D printing.
Ideas for process optimization
Printer with original nozzle
! deadline

You need to submit your project by 20:59 UTC

The jury will pick the best projects, and the winners will receive funding and the opportunity to work with a major industrial printing company, get new experience and see what’s happening behind the scenes.
1 million dollars
million dollars
maximum investment in the project
Even if you don’t have ready-made projects, it’s not too late to start working on one right now. There’s plenty of time – the finished solution must be sent by 20:59 UTC on December 16.

If you already have a finished project or a thought-out final idea, feel free to submit. You can even send several presentations – the more ideas and developments there are, the better for everyone.

You can submit your project anonymously or publish it publicly. We’re fine with both options, but there’s a better chance of getting feedback in the second case.

The Host

The event is hosted by, the largest additive manufacturing company in the CIS region.
We materialize ideas and do everything related to 3D technologies in our own workshops and on our own equipment. We also share our expertise, talk about innovations, popularize the 3D industry in every possible way and closely monitor the tech market.
Who can join?
Anyone, from students and DIY enthusiasts to engineers and IT specialists. It doesn't matter how old you are, what country you’re in, or whether you have any prior experience in the 3D printing industry. If you have a project you want to share, we’ll be happy to see it.
Does it matter where I live?
No, you can be located in any country anywhere in the world.
Is this an online event?
Yes, the event is completely remote. All you need is an internet connection.
Can we enter as a team?
Yes. You can join us by yourself or have as many people on your team as you like.
Is there a particular type of project i should submit?
No, you can submit anything related to the 3D printing industry. It could be a printer, the software for it, a polymer, a new printing technology, or something from a related field.
Does the project have to be new? What if I already have a finished project?
You can present a finished project at the event, or show us something that has to be built from scratch — there’s room for both.
What should my application look like?
Put together a 10-slide (or less) presentation of the project: its special features, who it’s designed for, attach a photo/video and don’t leave out any important details. Tell us briefly about yourself or your team. This article might help.
Can I submit multiple projects?
Yes, you can submit any number of projects. You should keep in mind that there needs to be a separate form for each one. You can send from one name.
When do you stop accepting submissions?
Send your presentations by 20:59 UTC on December 16.
Will I get feedback?
We’ll do our best to review every project. Your chances of getting feedback will increase if you let us make a post about your project. To do this, you need to check the "Allow to publish the project" box when you submit the application.
Who will be picking the best projects?
A team of specialists from engineers, analysts, developers.
Do I have to submit workflow, source code, or a prototype?
No, a presentation of your project with a photo or a video attached is enough.
Who owns the rights to the submitted project? Can someone steal my IP?
Your project belongs only to your team, no one will take it away from you. If the project is selected as one of the best, the event host might offer you a partnership on special conditions.
What’s in the prize pool?
Authors of the best projects will get a chance to receive funding from the event host and put their ideas on the global 3D printing market.
Still have questions?
Shoot us an email, we’ll be happy to answer all of them.