Privacy Policy

This policy sets out the grounds and limits for the use of the Participant's information by the Company. This policy informs the Participant on details of collection of data, including types of data the Company collects from the Participant, mode of data processing by the Company, purposes of data processing and terms of data transfer within the framework of the 3D.RU Event (hereinafter the Policy). This Policy is provided to the Participant so that the Participant can consciously and freely, by his/her own will and in his/her own interest, make decision to provide the Company with data. Please read the terms of this Policy carefully. By visiting the Platform, the Participant accepts and agrees with the terms of this Policy. In case the Participant does not agree with the terms of the Policy, the Participant shall immediately refrain from visiting the Platform and participating in the Event.

This Policy is published in Russian and can be translated into other languages for your convenience. In the event of a discrepancy between the Russian version of this Policy and its translations in other languages, the terms of this Policy in Russian will prevail.

This Policy and terms of use of your data are governed by the law of the Russian Federation.

You shall address any queries related to this Policy to the following contact of the Company:

Changes in Policy

We reserve the right to unilaterally modify all or part of the terms of this Policy without personally notifying you about the changes. We recommend that you regularly check the terms of this Policy for changes. Your subsequent use of the Platform since the publication of the new version of the Policy on the Platform will mean that you have accepted the new version of the Policy. Should such changes materially affect your personal data that you have already provided to us, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you of such changes and give you the opportunity to change or delete your personal data.

Data Collected by the Company

A. Personal Data

We follow and comply with applicable laws on personal data protection. We are guided, in particular, by the principle of proportionality of personal data processing and the absence of redundancy of such processing, as well as the principle of data processing only for the stated purposes.

We process only personal data that we require in order to achieve our goals within the Event. Understanding nature of personal data and its sensitivity, we process the minimum amount of your personal data, namely your last name, first name, patronymic and your e-mail address, which you stipulate in the fields of the Platform.

We may also ask you to provide additional personal data, subject to the compliance with applicable law.

In case you do not agree with the collection and processing of your personal data by the Company, you shall refrain from providing your personal data to the Company.

B. Content

Information provided by you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Event, with the exception of personal data. For more information on the Content and the terms of use of the Content, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

C. Other Data

Information about you or your device.

We collect Other Data through technologies such as cookies, web beacons, web server logs to collect IP addresses, and other current and future similar technologies, including anonymous advertising identifiers used on your devices in a manner similar to cookies. These technologies are used to automatically collect information about your actions and visits to the Platform, regardless of whether you become a participant of the Event. By continuing to visit the Platform, you agree to our use of Other Data as described in this Policy. You can choose not to become an Event Participant. In doing so, you can also continue to visit the Platform, however, some features and functions of the Platform may be limited or unavailable to you. If you do not become a Participant of the Event, the information we collect about you will be limited to Other data only and will be collected in accordance with the terms and limitations of this Policy.


Cookies are small pieces of text that the Platform saves to your device when you visit the Platform. We use Session Cookies that allow the Platform, for example, to remember you set of settings during your visit the Platform only for the duration of your one-time visit the Platform. We also use persistent Cookies, which are stored on your device between one-time visits of the Platform and allow us to remember your preferences and settings. Session and persistent Cookies that may be set by the Platform may be ours or third parties. These Cookies are used to provide you with a comfortable and efficient visit and use of the Platform. For example, Cookies allow the Platform to remember your actions and preferences/settings (such as, for example, the language used, font size) over a period of time, so that you do not need to set or enter them every time you return to the Platform or when switching from one page of the Platform to another. Cookies may contain information regarding your movement on the Platform and determine if you have previously visited the Platform. Cookies can be used to distinguish you from other users of the Platform. At the same time, the information derived from Cookies is not used in order to identify (determine) your personality and who you are. Cookies alone do not tell us your email address or otherwise personally identify you. Cookies are under our control and protection. Cookies cannot be used to retrieve information from your device or from other Cookies that are created by other sites.

You can also control and/or delete Cookies at your discretion. You can delete all Cookies that are already on your device, or configure most browsers so that they block the placement of Cookies in them. You may need to personally adjust some of the settings for the browsers you use each time you visit the Platform. In this case, you may notice that some of the functions of the Platform may not work or work incompletely.

Web beacons

A web beacon is a small graphic file on the Platform's web page that can be used to obtain certain information from your device, such as IP address, duration of the study of the web page content, type of browser, and the presence of Cookies previously created by the same server. We may use web beacons to monitor the performance of third-party websites that provide us with services in the field of analysis or collection of statistical data about visitors of the Platform and the management of cookies. Web beacons are not used in order to identify (determine) your identity and who you are.

You have the option to disable certain web beacons by blocking the cookies associated with them. In this case, web beacon will still be able to register an anonymous visit from your IP address, but no information will be recorded in the cookies.

The collection of this information is carried out in order to assess which sections of the Platform are of the greatest interest to users, and to improve the procedure for interacting with users.


An IP address is a number assigned to your device every time you access the Internet. Your IP address may change or remain the same (depending on your Internet connection) every time you visit the Platform. IP address allows devices and servers to recognize each other and exchange information. Your IP addresses can be taken into account for information security purposes, system diagnostics and Event. This information can also be used in an aggregated form to analyze trends in the use of the Platform and its effectiveness.

This Policy applies only to the Event and the Platform. The Platform may also contain links to other sites or products. This Policy does not apply to such sites or products, and we strongly recommend that you review the privacy policies of such sites or products separately.

Purposes for Data Processing

  • Identifying and recording that Content comes from you;
  • Communicating with you regarding the Content provided;
  • Execution of the Terms and Conditions;
  • Discussion of your Content, as well as implementation of the use of your Content;
  • Discussion of the implementation of your Concept in case of your victory in the Event.

We do not use your personal data for the purpose of promoting goods and services, including in electronic form, as well as for sending you advertising information to your email address. In case you change your decision regarding your data processing by the Company you can always withdraw your consent by sending revocation of your consent by mail to the address of the Company specified in the Terms and Conditions. Please note that some information may remain in our archival copies for the purposes specified in this Policy.

Content: We use the Content for the purposes specified in the Terms and Conditions.

Other Data:

  • Analysis of information on the use of the Event and the Platform;
  • Providing targeted marketing offers of goods and services on the Platform;
  • Measuring and understanding the effectiveness of data collection technologies used;
  • Resolution of technical problems in the operation of the Platform;
  • Improvements of the Platform;
  • Providing you with a comfortable use of the Event, including during subsequent visits;
  • Improvements to navigation on the Platform;
  • Improving the efficiency of placing information on the Platform;
  • Understanding the compatibility of Internet browsers with the Platform;
  • Security and monitoring of the work of the Event and the Platform.

We may also use your information to protect our rights and legitimate interests or the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as to comply with legal requirements.

We may also use your anonymized information for statistical and research purposes, as well as marketing purposes, for example, by presenting it to third parties in an aggregated form.

We may also transfer your information to third parties, provided that your personal data is protected in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.

Data Processing Methods

The Company may execute following actions towards personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, access, transfer, cross-border transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction.

Data Storage Term

Personal data storage period is set as the period during which the Company requires personal data in order to achieve goals specified in this Policy. Upon the end of the specified period, personal data will be completely depersonalized or destroyed. Complete deletion cannot be instantaneous. In some cases, archived copies cannot be deleted.

Data Storage Location

We store your personal data on the territory of the Russian Federation. We may additionally store a duplicate of your personal data in another state, which, in accordance with current legislation, provides adequate protection of your personal data. In this case, we may use the services of a third party to store your personal data. We may store anonymized information in those states where we or our service providers have relevant equipment.

Right to Data Access

You have the right to access your personal data, as well as update (clarify), block or delete such data. You can send us a request in order to do so, and we will take all reasonable steps to comply with the request to the extent of the applicable law and the professional standards. Some information may remain in our archives even after deletion for the purposes specified in this Policy.

Data Protection Methods

The Company takes and provides security measures designed to protect personal data from unauthorized access or distribution, use or deletion. Personal data is kept in a secure location, to which a limited number of employees have access, who are bound with obligations on confidentiality.

Minimum Age Requirements

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in the Event. If you do not meet the minimum age requirements, you shall review this Policy with your legal guardian.